How to Stop Fire Alarm Bell from Ringing in Malaysia

How to stop fire alarm bell

Knowing how to stop a fire alarm bell from incessantly ringing is a crucial skill to know in Malaysia.

This is because such disturbances can disrupt the calm of our homes and the efficiency of our workplaces.

As such, we will walk you through the steps and best practices to promptly stop a fire alarm bell from ringing, whether it is a false alarm caused by a faulty system or a routine test.

What You Should Know About Your Fire Alarm System in Malaysia

In Malaysia, fire alarm systems are subject to the Fire Services Act 1988 as well as regulations set by the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia (Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat Malaysia).

Unauthorised tampering with fire alarm systems can result in penalties for the offender.

Before attempting to silence the alarm, it’s imperative to ensure that there is no real fire or smoke causing the alarm to trigger.

The next step in addressing a ringing fire alarm bell is to understand the type of system installed on your premises.

Malaysia typically sees a mix of conventional, addressable, intelligent and wireless fire alarm systems.

Depending on the fire alarm system type, you can use the control panel to identify the zone with the alert to locate the trigger of the alarm.

In the case of intelligent fire alarm systems, the fire detectors will notify the control panel if there is an error, preventing false alarms.

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How to Stop Fire Alarm Bell in Malaysia

Once you have confirmed that it is a false alarm or a fire drill, you can proceed with the following steps:

1. Manually Reset

Most fire alarm panels have a ‘Silence’ or ‘Reset’ button. Pressing this button can silence the alarm bell. However, the alarm may reactivate if the system detects a persisting issue.

2. Request Professional Assistance

If the ‘reset’ or ‘silence’ buttons for hard-wired fire alarm bells in commercial buildings are not functioning, you may need to remove the device.

The complicated wiring involved would require shutting down the main power source before proceeding with anything. That is the first indicator that you should contact professionals.

Moreover, if you cannot find the source of the alarm, it is advisable to contact a professional fire alarm technician.

Tampering with the system without proper knowledge can lead to legal issues and potentially compromise the building’s safety.

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What are the Preventive Measures to Stop Fire Alarm Bell from Ringing

To minimise disruptions caused by fire alarm bells, consider the following preventive measures:

1. Regular Maintenance

Conduct regular inspections and maintenance of the fire alarm system to ensure its proper functionality.

2. Educate Occupants

Educate building occupants about the importance of not tampering with fire alarm components and the proper emergency procedures in case of an alarm.

3. Update Old Systems

Building owners can consider upgrading outdated fire alarm systems to more sophisticated and reliable models.

Seamless Fire Safety with Expert Solutions

Understanding the intricacies of your fire alarm system and how to stop fire alarm bell can significantly reduce the chances of disruption, desensitisation and unnecessary risk.

It’s crucial to partner with fire safety experts who can provide comprehensive services, including fire alarm system installation, service and maintenance, and advanced fire safety training.

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