Fire Protection System

Fire Hydrant System

Dependable Fire Hydrant System in Malaysia

A fire hydrant system is a water supply with sufficient pressure and flow delivered through pipes within a building to strategically located networks of valves for firefighting purposes.

The two different types of fire hydrant systems in Malaysia are wet and dry hydrants. The wet barrel fire hydrant holds a constant water supply, whereas the dry barrel fire hydrant requires a valve release to let water in for use.

Types of Fire Hydrant System

Dry Barrel

Wet Barrel

Importance of Fire Hydrant System

The fire hydrant system serves to give the best possible water source to each corner of a building. It helps in protecting the property by simply maintaining control of fire during an emergency. Similar to other firefighting systems, the fire hydrant has great extinguishing functionality and is essential to have prepared.

Fire Protection System

A fire protection system is a crucial component of a building’s safety plan, and without one, lives are at risk of danger. Regardless, the fire protection systems in Malaysia are mostly equipped with complacent safety specifications.

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