Fire Safety Audit

Fire Risk Assessment

Detailed Fire Risk Assessment in Malaysia

A fire risk assessment, also known as FRA, is an evaluation performed by fire safety instructors on the business establishment and their related documents to verify whether a building is being managed and maintained according to fire safety.

Fire risk assessments are crucial as they help reduce the chances of a fire occurring, as well as the possibility of death or injury to residents, employees, and the general public during a fire.

5 Steps to Kickstart Your Fire Risk Assessment

  • Identify the fire hazards within your workplace.
  • Identify the people at risk in the event of a fire.
  • Evaluate discovered hazards and risks and take precautionary measures accordingly.
  • Record the latest findings and actions, prepare an emergency plan, and then train all staff members.
  • Review your fire risk assessment regularly.

What Palcon Can Do
for You

What Palcon Can Do for You

With a thorough fire risk assessment, our fire safety consultants work closely with the Fire and Rescue Department (BOMBA) to ensure that your buildings comply with local fire safety regulations and codes. The assessment process is carried out by experienced and seasoned fire experts to ensure all potential risks are addressed and mitigated beforehand.

Profession Fire Risk Assessment Services

Our experienced and seasoned experts endeavour to perform fire risk assessment, fire safety audit, as well as service and maintenance, to ensure the long-term safety of your people and premises. With an appropriate fire risk assessment, we can identify fire hazards and improve workplace fire safety.


Conducting a fire risk assessment allows you to identify and mitigate potential fire hazards and risks in your premises, ensuring the safety of those in the building while complying with legal requirements.

It is a preventive action which can help to decrease costs in the long term by reducing the occurrence of property-damaging fires.

A fire risk assessment in Malaysia is typically the responsibility of the employer, building’s owner, landlord, or anyone else with management duties over the premises, such as the facilities manager.

The 3 key elements of a fire triangle are oxygen, heat, and fuel. A fire naturally occurs when the elements are present together with the right chain reaction. By removing any one of the elements, this will prevent the ignition of fire.

Fire risk assessments in Malaysia should be carried out by a professional at least once a year.

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