Fire Protection System

Smoke Spill System

Innovative Smoke Spill System in Malaysia

The smoke spill system in Malaysia is a recent innovation usually found in car parks. Its two main functions are to provide day-to-day ventilation to control carbon monoxide (CO) levels and provide emergency smoke extraction in the event of a fire.

Thus, facilitating the escape of car park users and access to the fire service. The system can be located either inside or outside the fire danger area and should be specified accordingly for precautions.

Importance of Smoke Spill System

To keep smoke spill fans running for as long as possible, the motor, power supply, power cable and canvas must be fire-rated, and there should not be any overload relay to stop the fans from functioning. It requires an occasional checkup to ensure it is running smoothly at all times.

Fire Protection System

A fire protection system is a crucial component of a building’s safety plan, and without one, lives are at risk of danger. Regardless, the fire protection systems in Malaysia are mostly equipped with complacent safety specifications.

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