Fire Safety Audit

Fire Emergency Evacuation Plan

Detailed Fire Emergency Evacuation Plan in Malaysia

The evacuation plan is an emergency response plan designed to help companies address and understand fire emergencies in their company. An establishment must have a concise and straightforward strategy to avoid fatal accidents

Fire Emergency Evacuation Diagram

For those unfamiliar with the overall general layout of the company, it is essential to have clear indications of crucial escape routes. This can be done by producing schematic drawings and blueprints for people to refer to and locate emergency and exit signs.

Clear and Concise Evacuation Plan

We ensure transparency and a clear indication of routes to ensure we minimise fatalities or potential injury. Our evacuation plans are drawn and developed comprehensively with necessary details by our knowledgeable and experienced team.

Fire Safety Audit

A fire safety audit in Malaysia is based on a set of standards for systematic and independent evaluation of fire risks present in the premises or property. The audit involves a review and recommendation of appropriate measures to control and mitigate the effects of fires with respect to fire safety codes and regulations.

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