Fire Safety Audit

Performance-Based Approach

Thorough Performance-Based Approach in Malaysia

The performance-based approach is a route into a more progressive design that essentially brings the best of both worlds together – the meeting of desired functional requirements as well as compliance with safety procedures and guidelines.

It allows the use of designs that actively demonstrate compliance to the code’s safety goals as it has strict safety requirements and goals to adhere to. The procedure analyses fire-induced scenarios to determine which alternatives will meet fire safety goals and follow the code.

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We can modulate and determine whether your buildings can upkeep a performance-based design while ensuring we implement strict safety precautions to abide by safety guidelines and codes.

Fire Safety Audit

A fire safety audit in Malaysia is based on a set of standards for systematic and independent evaluation of fire risks present in the premises or property. The audit involves a review and recommendation of appropriate measures to control and mitigate the effects of fires with respect to fire safety codes and regulations.

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