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Performance-Based Approach

Thorough Performance-Based Approach in Malaysia

The performance-based approach is a route into a more progressive design that essentially brings the best of both worlds together – the meeting of desired functional requirements as well as compliance with safety procedures and guidelines.

It allows the use of designs that actively demonstrate compliance with the code’s safety goals, as it has strict safety requirements and goals to adhere to. The procedure analyses fire-induced scenarios to determine which alternatives will meet fire safety goals and follow the code.

A Performance-Based Approach to Fire Safety Design

Building practitioners now have added flexibility in applying fire safety designs for their buildings by using the performance-based approach.

This approach is applied in the conceptual phase of creating a building’s fire safety design, prior to the detailed design and documentation phase of selected fire safety systems.

It is made possible via the discussions and collaborations between the project manager, the design team, and the Fire and Rescue Department during the early stages of the project.

What Palcon Can Do
for You

What Palcon Can Do for You

At Palcon, we pride ourselves on being a trusted fire consultant in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, Malaysia. Regardless of the building design complexity, we aim to deliver an innovative yet fire safety-compliant design to ensure a performance-based approach is applied to its maximum potential.

By implementing a performance-based approach, our experienced staff can conceptualise and determine whether your buildings can upkeep a performance-based design while ensuring we enforce the strictest safety precautions to comply with fire safety guidelines and codes.

Adopt a Performance-Based Approach with An Expert

Backed by in-depth knowledge and years of industry expertise, our fire safety consultants can modulate and determine whether your buildings are complying with Malaysia’s required performance-based design. We also ensure the meticulous design and implementation of strict safety precautions to abide by safety guidelines and codes.


A performance-based design of fire safety systems gives the design team much greater freedom by emphasising science, engineering, calculation, and modelling. It also makes it possible to select a cost-effective design without compromising fire safety.

The performance-based codes attempt to provide building designers with clearer guidance than the prescriptive codes. It does this by taking into consideration the actual growing complexity of architectural designs, which introduces more fire risks.

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