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Dry and Wet Riser System

Dry Riser and Wet Riser System in Malaysia

A dry riser system is an empty pipe running up the inside of a building that can be connected to a pressurised water system by firefighters. There will be inlet connections outside the building or in fire escape areas for authorities to access, allowing the water to be pumped up to valves on the upper floors of the building. This system of dry risers in Malaysia is usually used in low-rise buildings.


A wet riser system in Malaysia is usually fully fitted with a steady supply system intended to distribute water to multiple levels of a building. The internal hydrant of the wet riser is usually made accessible and utilised when needed by authorities.

Types of Riser System

Wet Riser

Dry Riser

Importance of Dry Riser & Wet Riser System

Wet and dry risers are a crucial part of fire protection for multi-level buildings, allowing for rapid water access and transportation in the event of a fire. Dry and wet risers should be routinely tested and serviced every 12 months and inspected every six months.


The tests include a complete functional check of the system, ensuring that the appropriate pressure levels can be reached and that they can be used at a moment’s notice.

Fire Protection System

A fire protection system is a crucial component of a building’s safety plan, and without one, lives are at risk of danger. Regardless, the fire protection systems in Malaysia are mostly equipped with complacent safety specifications.

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