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Certificate of Completion & Compliance (CCC)

Certificate of Completion & Compliance (CCC)

This certificate is an official recognition that the building is fit for the purpose it was built for, meaning that it has been well-constructed and is suitable for occupants to live in. It is a mandatory self-certified document enforced under the Street, Drainage and Building (Amendment) Act 2007.

Importance of Applying for CCC in Malaysia

Every building owner must attain this certification because it is essential to ensure a building’s structure and overall build has been done up to standard and follows the specified structural integrity and safety.

How to Apply for CCC in Malaysia

Applicants can apply and submit a form providing the following information:-

How Palcon Can Assist Your CCC Certification Process

At Palcon, our client’s satisfaction is our topmost priority. We are dedicated to providing our clients with outstanding service that meets their requirements and all necessary fire code compliances.

Regardless of the challenge, we work hard to ensure the CCC is yours. For our clients to experience a smooth certification process, we work closely with the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia (BOMBA) to ensure that our client’s buildings comply with BOMBA regulations and local safety codes.

A date will then be appointed by Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat Malaysia (JBPM) to applicants for property inspection. If safety systems are competent and approved, the certificates will be provided when payment is made.

Ensure Utmost Safety and Compliance with Palcon

To obtain the significant CCC document, it is compulsory for your building to be assessed by trained professionals. The CCC guarantees that the building’s structure and general design have complied with all legal requirements, as well as safe for use and suitable for occupancy. Engage our team to know how we can streamline your certification process.


A PSP is a professional architect, engineer, or building draughtsman registered with the Board of Architects Malaysia (BAM). They are responsible for the issuance of the CCC.

The PSP must be registered with their respective boards under the law relating to their field, such as the Architects Act 1967 or Registration of Engineers Act 1967 (Revised 2015).

A CFO is a predecessor of the CCC. They are both used for the same purposes; however, a CFO must be signed off by the local government. On the other hand, a CCC is signed off by industry professionals to speed up the approval process.

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