Relocate Sprinkler Head in Malaysia: A Simple Guide


How fire sprinkler systems are placed within buildings plays a critical role in ensuring protection against fire hazards. However, structural modifications and interior redesigns may require the need to relocate sprinkler heads.

This task, crucial for safeguarding lives and property, requires planning and expertise.

Here, we explain what you should know about relocating fire sprinkler heads in Malaysia, ensuring that your fire protection measures are both efficient and compliant.

Why You Should Relocate Sprinkler Heads in Malaysia

1. Renovations and Space Repurposing

As buildings evolve, so do their interiors. Renovations, whether for aesthetic upgrades or functional shifts, often lead to significant changes in room layouts.

Similarly, repurposing spaces alters the occupancy and use patterns of a space. These changes can render the original sprinkler head placements less effective or even obsolete.

For instance, new partitions or walls might obstruct the water spray pattern, and increased occupancy in a space might necessitate more comprehensive coverage.

2. Compliance with Updated Fire Safety Regulations

Fire safety standards are not static; they evolve in response to new research and lessons learned from past fire incidents.

As such, you should periodically update your fire protection system to reflect best practices in fire protection.

When these updates occur, they may necessitate adjustments to existing sprinkler systems, including the relocation of sprinkler heads, to ensure compliance.

Adhering to these regulations ensures that the property remains in legal compliance and safe.

3. Efficiency Improvements

The field of fire safety technology is continually advancing, with new sprinkler systems and head designs offering improved efficiency and coverage.

Furthermore, ongoing assessments of a space’s fire safety needs might reveal insights that call for the optimisation of sprinkler head placement.

Relocating fire sprinkler heads to leverage these technological advancements or new insights can significantly enhance the system’s ability to suppress fires effectively.

This proactive approach to fire safety can lead to better outcomes in the event of a fire.

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Relocate Sprinkler Heads in Malaysia: What You Must Know

1. Professional Assessment is Key

A professional assessment by qualified fire safety experts is essential.

This assessment involves an evaluation of the existing sprinkler system, the intended changes to the space, and how these changes impact fire safety requirements.

Fire safety experts, such as those at Palcon, bring invaluable insight into a space’s specific needs.

They ensure that any relocation plan aligns with both national safety standards and the property’s unique characteristics.

2. Understanding Malaysian Fire Safety Standards

Malaysia’s fire safety regulations are designed to provide a high level of protection for buildings and their occupants.

Any plan to relocate sprinkler heads must be aligned with these said standards. This includes:

  • Understanding the required fire sprinkler head coverage.
  • The distribution of sprinkler heads within a space.
  • The specific types of fire sprinkler heads suitable for different environments.
  • Failure to adhere to these standards can compromise safety.

3. Technical Considerations for Relocation

Relocating a fire sprinkler head involves more than just moving it from one place to another.

It requires a deep understanding of the sprinkler system’s hydraulics, the water supply’s capacity, and the specific requirements of different types of sprinkler heads.

Factors such as water pressure, the distance from the water source, and the potential need for additional piping or modifications must all be considered to ensure the relocated sprinkler heads function as intended.

4. Post-Relocation Testing and Maintenance

After the relocation of fire sprinkler heads, rigorous testing is crucial to confirm their functionality and coverage.

This testing should simulate various fire scenarios to ensure that the sprinkler heads activate as expected and provide adequate coverage.

Ongoing maintenance is also essential to keep the sprinkler system in optimal working condition, ensuring that it remains ready to respond in the event of a fire.

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What are the Requirements for Sprinkler Heads in Malaysia

In Malaysia, fire sprinkler heads are mainly of the conventional pendant or upright variety.

Selecting the temperature rating for the bulb is critical and is typically set at a minimum of 30°C above the highest ambient temperature of the area being protected. This often leads to a standard temperature rating of 68°C.

However, for kitchen environments, it’s advisable to use fire sprinkler heads with a temperature rating of 79°C to accommodate higher heat levels.

The layout and coverage provided by a single sprinkler head are governed by specific standards, which are determined by the hazard level of the installation:

  • Light hazard installations require a maximum coverage of 21 sq.m per sprinkler head, with heads spaced no more than 4.6m apart.
  • Ordinary hazard installations mandate a maximum coverage of 12 sq.m per sprinkler head, with a spacing not exceeding 4m.
  • High hazard installations demand more stringent coverage of 9 sq.m per sprinkler head, with a maximum spacing of 3.7m.

Sprinkler protection is generally required throughout all areas of a building, with a few exceptions, including:

In cases where the ceiling void surpasses 800mm, it’s necessary to equip the space with sprinklers, unless the construction is non-combustible and devoid of flammable materials.

Additionally, any electrical wiring within such voids should be encased in steel conduit, except when using fire-rated wiring.

It’s also crucial to ensure that fire sprinkler heads are not exposed to pressures exceeding 12 bars, a consideration especially pertinent in high-rise structures.

This precaution helps to maintain the integrity and functionality of the sprinkler system, ensuring optimal performance.

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Relocate Your Sprinkler Head with an Expert

Relocating a sprinkler head is a critical undertaking that demands professional expertise.

Engaging with a fire safety expert ensures that the relocation is performed with the highest standards of compliance and enhances the overall safety of the building’s fire protection system.

At Palcon, our experts ensure your property is well-managed by adhering to safety guidelines and complying with local building codes.

We consider comprehensive fire safety design, including fire code compliance, fire risk assessments, fire detection systems, and more.



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