Fire Certificate Malaysia: Application and Renewal Guide

fire certificate malaysia

It is essential for business owners to understand the fire certificate application and renewal process in Malaysia.

This is because fires can have a disastrous impact on all businesses, regardless of their size. They cause irreparable damage to their infrastructure and stock, consequently resulting in significant losses to productivity and profit.

Hence, in this article, we will look at what a fire certificate is in Malaysia, the application and renewal process, and other fire certificate-related topics.

What is a Fire Certificate in Malaysia?

A fire certificate indicates that a building’s drawings, plans, and documents are in compliance with fire safety regulations. It also ensures that a building has proper evacuation procedures, preventative measures, and a fire escape plan in place.

Generally, several parties are involved in the fire certificate application process, including:

  • The building owner
  • The building occupants
  • The building contractor
  • The fire contractor
  • The lift contractor
  • The Sistem Pengawasan Kebakaran Automatik (SPKA) contractor
  • The Fire and Rescue Department (BOMBA)

Building Criteria for Fire Certificate Application

A fire certificate ensures the proper maintenance and adequate working condition of fire safety systems in a building. Hence, these systems should be tested per the Malaysian Standards and BOMBA fire safety guidelines.

According to the Fire Services (Designated Premises) (Amendment) Order 2020, the designated buildings in Malaysia that require a fire certificate include:

Type of BuildingSize of Building
LibraryA total floor area of 2000 square metres or more
Hospital & Nursing HomeA total floor area of 2000 square metres or more; or 5 floors or more
HotelBuildings with an open corridor design:
– 100 rooms or more for each block

Buildings with other designs:
– 2 to 3 floors with 101 rooms or more; or
– 4 floors and over with 51 rooms or more
Hostel & DormitoryBuildings with an open corridor design:
– 10 floors and over; or
– A total floor area of 5000 square metres or more

Buildings with other designs:
– 6 floors or more; or
– A total floor area of 3000 square metres or more
Office– Height exceeding 30 metres; or

– A total floor area of 10,000 square metres or more
ShopA total floor area of 3000 square metres or more
FactoryFactories with 1 floor: 
– A total floor area of 2000 square metres or more; and
– Installed with an automatic sprinkler system

Factories with 2 floors or more:
– A total floor area of 2000 square metres or more; and
– Installed with an automatic sprinkler system

Factories with special structures or hazardous processes
Place of Assembly– Buildings below the level of exit discharge with a total floor area of 1000 square metres or more

– Place of assembly with a total floor area of 2000 square metres or more
Storage & GeneralUnderground parking lots with a total floor area of 2000 square metres or more, installed with an automatic sprinkler system

Buildings installed with an automatic sprinkler system:
– A total volume of 7000 cubic metres or more
– A total floor area of 1000 square metres or more

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The Fire Certificate Application Process in Malaysia

The Fire Certificate Application Process in Malaysia

Once a building owner has acquired the Certificate of Completion and Compliance (CCC), Certificate of Fitness (CF) or Temporary Certificate of Fitness (TCF), they must carry on with their fire certificate application with BOMBA.

They can then submit their fire certificate application at the State Headquarters of Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat Malaysia (JBPM) or BOMBA Zone Offices (based on the location of the building).

All applicants must apply by submitting Form I and providing the following documents:

  • A copy of the CCC or Certificate of Fitness for Occupation (CFO)
  • Building plan (which has been certified by BOMBA during the issuance of CCC or CFO)
  • The latest property ownership letter
  • Land ownership documents
  • Copy of assessment rates
  • Business License

Once BOMBA has reviewed all the submitted documents, a date will be scheduled with the applicants to inspect their building.

After that, if all fire safety systems are deemed to be in good condition, the fire certificate will be issued within 5 days from the date the Fire Certificate fee is made.

However, if the systems are deemed unsatisfactory, the applicant will receive a notice outlining additional requirements to meet in order to pass the inspection. They will have 360 days to fully comply with the new requirements.

notice outlining additional requirement

Fire Certificate Malaysia Renewal

Moreover, according to the Fire Services (Fire Certificate) Regulations 2001, a fire certificate is only effective for one year from its issued date.

To renew their certificate, building owners should fill up Form III and submit their fire certificate renewal application at least 30 days before it expires. The fee for the new certificate is half of the first fire certificate fee.

Likewise, late renewal applications may be subject to a late penalty of RM100. Late applicants must instead submit their application with Form I and make a full payment equivalent to the amount paid in a first-time application.

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What Happens If A Building Does Not Obtain A Fire Certificate?

That is to say, the implications of not having a fire certificate are extremely serious.

According to the Fire Services Act 1988 (as of 1 October 2018), Section 33, if a designated building does not obtain a fire certificate, the building owner will be liable to a fine (not exceeding RM50,000), imprisonment (not exceeding 5 years) or both.

They are also susceptible to a fine of RM100 for each day the offence is continued after the conviction.

Premise Modification

Premise Modification

On the other hand, a designated building with a Fire Certificate is not allowed to make any changes that will render its current fire protection system ineffective.

Building owners must submit their new firefighting system design plan to BOMBA for approval before making any adjustments. Once BOMBA reviews and approves the plan, they will inspect the building to ensure it meets their requirements.

Can Applicants Appeal Decisions Made by BOMBA?

An applicant has the right to appeal the decision made by BOMBA following such notice of refusal or decision:

  • The Director General declines to issue a Fire Certificate
  • The conditions imposed by the Director General on an issued fire certificate, or
  • Any decision made by the Director General

They then have 21 days to submit an appeal letter to the Minister, whose decision shall be final.

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