Fire Alarm Monitoring System: Keep Your Building Safe

Fire Alarm Monitoring System-Keep Your Building Safe

Most people are aware of fire alarms and what to do in a fire emergency, but what happens next? This is where a fire alarm monitoring system can help, providing optimal safety in a matter of seconds.

As one of the most vital components in a building’s fire protection system, this system should never be taken for granted. The fail-proof system serves as a first step in preserving life and protecting your assets.

What Is Fire Alarm Monitoring?

What Is Fire Alarm Monitoring

Typically, a fire alarm monitoring system consists of a control panel, a communicator (such as DACT, Cellular, or IP), and of course, a central monitoring station.

When a fire is detected, the communicator will automatically send a signal to the monitoring station. There, a live operator will receive the signal and contact the appropriate personnel, such as the local fire department and the property’s key holder(s).

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Fire Alarm System Vs Fire Alarm Monitoring System

A fire alarm system involves audible devices that alert the building’s occupants of fire, allowing them to evacuate the building as soon as the fire is detected. Meanwhile, the fire alarm monitoring system has a fire monitoring panel connected to the alarm system.

The fire monitoring panel enables help to be dispatched to the building promptly. As the regular alarm system does not have a monitoring panel, someone has to contact and request help from the fire department.

Simply put, regular fire alarms are dependent on the building’s occupants or passers-by to alert the fire department. In contrast, monitored fire alarms automatically notify the fire department once the alarm is triggered so that help can be provided with little or no delay.

Why Do I Need Fire Alarm Monitoring?

Why I Need Fire Alarm Monitoring

There are numerous benefits to installing an alarm monitoring system for your building. Below are three major benefits that you should know:

1. 24-hour Protection

With this system, you’re ensuring that no alarms go unheard or unnoticed as dedicated experts work round-the-clock to offer constant protection. You can enjoy peace of mind as your building and its occupants remain safe at all times.

2. Quick Response

In regard to fire safety, a quick response is everything. Professional services provide utmost security by detecting the first signs of fire and notifying the emergency services without wasting a single second.

3. Reduce Costs

An effective alarm monitoring system can significantly lower potential losses you might bear in the event of an emergency. Speeding up response time, the system is a great investment as it decreases liability and assists the disaster recovery process.

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Sophisticated Fire Safety Technology

At Palcon, we provide integrated fire alarm monitoring solutions that respond to fires in a timely manner.

For enhanced fire safety, explore our reliable fire detection system and fire suppression system to fortify your building against fires. Also, take your fire protection a step further by checking out our other services such as fire protection systems as well as fire safety audits.



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