Jockey Pump in Fire Systems: Why It’s Important

jockey pump fire system

A jockey pump in a fire system is an essential component in putting out fires, especially in high-rise buildings. Working together with fire sprinkler systems, jockey pumps help distribute water to areas that normal firefighting equipment cannot reach.

Firefighters risk their lives to save people from burning buildings and other dangerous situations. However, without a well-designed and professionally installed fire sprinkler system and fire pump, their job becomes even more hazardous.

Read on to discover what are jockey pumps, how they work, and how Palcon can provide your business with a fire sprinkler system to keep your people and building safe.

What Are Jockey Pumps in A Fire System?

A jockey pump is a small device that works with a fire pump to maintain pressure in a fire sprinkler system. It is powered by electricity, diesel or steam, and is connected to a static water source, such as a river or water tank.

The jockey pump provides water flow at a higher pressure to activate the sprinkler system. Building owners need to ensure that it is fully functioning to keep their occupants and property safe during an emergency.

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Why Is Having A Jockey Pump in A Fire System Important?

Why Is Having A Jockey Pump in A Fire System Important

If there is one component that should be considered the heart of a building’s fire safety system, it’s the jockey pump. This device drives adequate pressure to the fire sprinkler system, one of the first defences against a fire.

Jockey pumps maintain the pressure in the sprinkler system so that the fire pump doesn’t have to run all the time. It also protects the sprinkler system from damage during a fire when water rushes into the pipes.

A jockey pump is especially necessary in a fire system when the local water system cannot provide enough pressure to meet the hydraulic design requirements of the fire sprinkler system.

This occurs in high-rise buildings or facilities that require high terminal pressure to transfer water, such as storage warehouses. Jockey pumps are also needed if a fire protection water supply is provided from a ground-level water storage tank.

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How Does A Jockey Pump Work?

A fire sprinkler system consists of pipes with pressurised water, with its heads designed to open at a certain temperature. When opened, the water pressure in the pipes drop since water is flowing out of them.

A fire pump then sends more water through the pipes to put out the fire. During this process, a jockey pump keeps the water pressure within a specific range, to protect the sprinkler system. 

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