Fire Extinguisher Renewal Malaysia: What is a BOMBA License


Fire extinguisher renewal is a critical aspect of maintaining workplace safety in Malaysia, especially in the context of legal compliance and readiness for emergencies.

Central to this process is the BOMBA License, a certification issued by the Malaysian Fire Department. It serves as a testament to the thorough inspection and approval of fire extinguishers.

Continue reading to learn more about the BOMBA License, its types, and the significance of regular fire extinguisher renewal in Malaysia.

By doing so, you’ll ensure your business remains safe and fully compliant with fire safety regulations.

What is the BOMBA License in Malaysia

A BOMBA license serves as a seal of safety affixed to fire extinguishers to indicate their inspection and approval by the Fire Department of Malaysia (BOMBA).

This sticker is a formality and a guarantee that the extinguisher has met stringent safety standards and is ready for use in emergencies.

Obtaining this license involves a meticulous inspection process conducted by qualified BOMBA officials, ensuring that every certified extinguisher meets the necessary safety requirements.

What are the Types of BOMBA Licenses in Malaysia?

There are two distinct types of BOMBA licenses you should be aware of as they will be applicable in the long run:

1. The ‘Birth’ BOMBA License

As the name suggests, this license is issued for new fire extinguishers. It assigns a ‘birthplace’ to the extinguisher, denoting its specific location rather than the owning company.

Plus, it is a location-specific license, emphasising that the extinguisher is an integral part of the safety infrastructure of its designated setting.

2. The Renewal BOMBA License

The Renewal BOMBA License is for fire extinguisher renewal. It needs to be renewed annually, where it is first serviced by an authorised Competent Person followed by an inspection from BOMBA officials.

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How to Acquire a BOMBA License in Malaysia

Acquiring a BOMBA license is a responsible and compliant practice, whether you are obtaining new ones for a fresh commercial space or renewing pre-existing fire extinguishers.

Fire extinguishers bearing this license can only be obtained through Competent Organisations authorised by BOMBA.

These organisations have undergone specialised training courses provided by BOMBA, ensuring that they are well-prepared to handle the crucial task of maintaining fire safety equipment.

Moreover, they play a pivotal role in the renewal of BOMBA Licenses in order for businesses to stay compliant with safety standards year after year.

Who Needs a BOMBA License in Malaysia?

The requirement for a BOMBA License is specifically targeted at commercial premises and certain types of residential properties, such as service apartments and high-rise condominiums, in Malaysia.

This mandate ensures that these buildings are equipped with fire extinguishers that are regularly inspected and certified for safety.

It’s important to note, however, that this requirement does not extend to non-commercial settings, such as private vehicles, or to individual residential properties like bungalows and terrace houses.

In these non-commercial or less densely populated residential areas, the risks and regulations are different, exempting them from the need to renew BOMBA licenses.

Why is Fire Extinguisher Renewal Important in Malaysia

The annual renewal of the BOMBA License is not just a regulatory obligation; it’s a critical aspect of fire safety management.

This process reassures businesses that their fire extinguishers are always in a state of readiness and capable of performing effectively in an emergency.

Adherence to the fire extinguisher renewal practice is a testament to a business’s commitment to safety and compliance, ensuring they are always prepared for unforeseen fire emergencies.

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Keep Your Business Safe and Compliant with Palcon

In conclusion, the BOMBA License is an essential component of fire safety in Malaysian business environments.

All business owners, safety officers and building management are encouraged to remain proactive about their fire safety measures.

At Palcon, our fire safety consultants specialise in supplying, installing, servicing and maintenance of fire extinguishers on your premises.

By opting for our services, you can have peace of mind as you place the security of your infrastructure in the hands of a team that prioritises your safety above all else.



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