Fireman Intercom Systems in Malaysia: An In-Depth Guide


Effective communication is essential, whether in small fires or major disasters. For example, the fireman intercom system is designed for building occupants to report the location of a fire.

This system is available at every level and designated location within the building.

Additionally, there is a ‘Bomba Telefon‘, a dedicated line for occupants to inform authorities about a fire.

Calls made on this line are directly forwarded to the central fire control panel for immediate action.

Continue reading to learn about the different types of fireman intercom systems used in Malaysia and their crucial role in safeguarding lives and properties.

What is a Fireman Intercom in Malaysia?

The fireman intercom system is an essential communication tool for building occupants to alert the central fire command centre (the main fire alarm panel) about the location of a fire.

This system is vital for speeding up the response of the Emergency Response Team (ERT) or the Maintenance Team, as well as directing firefighters directly to the fire.

There are two types of fireman intercom systems: the addressable panel and the conventional panel. Both are seamlessly integrated into the building’s fire alarm system to ensure effective communication.

For instance, if a fireman intercom call is received from the 30th floor of a high-rise building, it immediately alerts the ERT, enabling them to launch a swift response.

These panels are critical for ensuring clear communication and coordination during emergencies, keeping building occupants connected and enabling them to convey vital information efficiently to the fire command centre.

What are the Components of Fireman Intercoms in Malaysia 

In the event of a fire, the ability to communicate clearly and swiftly can save lives.

Here’s a breakdown of the essential components that make up a fireman intercom system, designed with both functionality and emergency response in mind:

1. Addressable Fireman Intercom Panel

The Addressable Fireman Intercom Panel serves as a central command hub, functioning akin to a sophisticated telephone exchange, capable of handling multiple calls simultaneously.

Its streamlined design significantly reduces the complexity of wiring, enhancing both reliability and ease of use.

Additionally, it records all communications during an emergency, providing a crucial log that can be used for post-incident training or investigation.

2. Addressable Remote Handset

Next is the Addressable Remote Handset, essentially a responder’s lifeline.

These handsets will be strategically installed throughout a building, ensuring comprehensive communication coverage in every area during a crisis.

Their deployment enables more efficient and immediate reporting, as well as emergency communication, enhancing the effectiveness of response efforts.

3. Telephone Terminator

The Telephone Terminator is a compact device designed to safeguard communication circuits.

It provides robust protection against electrical surges, thus ensuring the integrity of communication lines remains intact even in the event of failures in other power systems.

4. Telephone Relay Equipment

Similarly, the Telephone Relay Equipment serves as a guardian for the signals traversing the system. It effectively shields them from electronic noise or interference that could obscure the messages.

Such protection is crucial, as clear communication can be the critical factor that separates safety from peril.

5. Remote Fireman Intercom Station

Finally, encased in a robust metal enclosure, the Remote Fireman Intercom Stations provide firefighters with the ability to instantly plug in and establish communication.

Its design ensures swift access while offering protection against inadvertent damage or interference.

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What are the Benefits Of Using Fireman Intercom Systems in Malaysia?

The Fireman Intercom System stands as a critical tool in building safety measures, offering numerous benefits that bolster emergency response efforts:

1. Streamlined Coordination

A fireman intercom system establishes a direct line of communication across a building’s various sectors during a fire emergency.

It ensures that everyone involved can quickly exchange crucial information which is essential for orchestrating an effective response.

2. Enhanced Occupant Safety

Additionally, the fireman intercom system allows timely alerts and directives to be communicated to building occupants, guiding them safely during an evacuation.

This immediate dissemination of information is vital in helping individuals make informed decisions to protect themselves in a crisis.

3. Accelerated Emergency Response

Likewise, the rapid exchange of information between on-site emergency responders and central command can mean the difference between containment and catastrophe.

Fireman intercom systems enable such rapid exchanges, allowing for quicker decision-making and more efficient resource deployment to control the situation.

4. Integrated Safety Network

A fireman intercom system can also be integrated with existing fire safety infrastructure, like smoke alarms and sprinkler systems.

This cohesive operation ensures that all safety measures work in tandem, significantly improving the overall fire defence strategy.

5. Clear Communication

Lastly, designed to cut through the noise and confusion inherent in emergency scenarios, the system is equipped with advanced features like noise suppression and two-way communication.

These features guarantee that messages are sent, received and understood.

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What Type of Buildings in Malaysia Should Have a Fireman Intercom System Installed?

Building TypeDesign/UseHeight/Floor AreaAdditional Criteria
InstitutionalInstructional Use OnlyOver 30 m tall or over 2,000 m2/floor– 
Laboratory/Workshop/LibraryOver 2,000 m2
Hospital/Nursing Home (Patient Accommodation)1 storey, over 1,000 m22 storeys and above, over 1,000 m2
HotelOpen Corridor with Open Staircase/Extended Lobby4 storeys and aboveOver 100 rooms/block
Other Designs2 to 3 storeysOver 100 rooms/block
4 storeys and aboveOver 50 rooms/block
Hostel/DormitoryOpen CorridorOver 10 storeys or over 5,000 m2
Other DesignsOver 5 storeys or over 3,000 m2
Apartment/FlatOpen Corridor6 to 40 storeys, below 120 m tallOver 40 storeys or over 120 m tall– 
Internal Staircase/Core Design11 to 40 storeys, below 120 m tallOver 40 storeys and over 120 m tall
OfficeOver 30 m tall or over 10,000 m2
Shop1 StoreyOver 2,000 m2– 
2 Storeys and AboveOver 3,000 m2
FactoryDetached/Semi-detached/Terrace Unit (Two storeys+)Over 1,000 m2/floorSeparate compartments
Flatted Factory BlockOver 1,000 m2/floor or over 7,000 m³/compartment– 
Vehicle Assembly/Similar PlantOver 5,000 m2
Special StructureHazardous process
Place of AssemblyConvention/Community Centre/ Private Club/Exhibition Centre/ Museum/Art GalleryOver 2,000 m2– 
Theatre/Cinema/Concert Hall/ AuditoriumOver 2,000 m2
Amusement CentreOver 2,000 m2
Transport TerminalOver 2,000 m2
Storage and GeneralCar Park (Enclosed/Underground)Over 2,000 m2
Automated Multilevel Car Park
Service Apartment

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Elevating Fire Safety with Palcon’s Fireman Intercom Systems in Malaysia

In an ever-evolving urban landscape, ensuring the safety of buildings and their occupants remains paramount.

Palcon’s specialised servicing for fireman intercom systems represents our dedication to excellence in the field.

With our in-depth expertise in the upkeep of firefighting and fire protection systems, we are committed to delivering servicing solutions that exceed the most stringent standards of fire safety.

Choosing Palcon’s service offerings means entrusting the well-being of your infrastructure to a team that regards your safety as its highest priority.



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