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Surat Sokongan Perlesenan Bomba

Surat Sokongan Perlesenan Bomba

The Surat Sokongan Perlesenan Bomba is a letter of approval from BOMBA personnel who has inspected and confirmed that a premise or property adheres to safety codes and is well equipped with the fire safety systems required. It is a supporting document required by license-issuing agencies and business owners to obtain their business licenses.

Certificate of Completion and Compliance (CCC) vs A Surat Sokongan Perlesenan Bomba Application: What's the Difference?

The CCC is an official recognition that the building is well-constructed and is suitable for occupants to live in. It is signed by a professional architect, engineer, or building draughtsman registered with the Board of Architects Malaysia (BAM).

A Surat Sokongan Perlesenan Bomba, on the other hand, certifies that the building complies with the life safety, fire prevention, fire protection and firefighting requirements under the Fire Services Act 1988 enactment. It is only issued by BOMBA personnel once they have performed the required site inspection and confirmed that the business premise is within compliance.

How Palcon Can Assist Your Application Process

At Palcon, our client’s welfare is of utmost priority. We work closely with the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia (BOMBA) to ensure that their buildings comply with BOMBA regulations and safety codes. A date will then be appointed by Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat Malaysia (JBPM) to applicants for property inspection. If the safety systems are competent and compliant, a letter of approval will be issued.

With prior expertise and knowledge of various strategies to adhere to alternative code regulations, Palcon coordinates efficient consultations to ensure BOMBA approval consistently. If you are a building owner, it is important you learn what the Bomba requirement for a building in Malaysia encompasses.

Get Your Surat Sokongan Perlesenan Bomba Now

It is imperative to understand BOMBA requirements for your building. Palcon is dedicated to providing a professional and thorough fire safety audit to ensure our clients obtain nothing short of excellence. Our expert fire safety consultants are always ready to help you streamline your Surat Sokongan Perlesenan Bomba application process.


No, the application is just a one-off process. However, BOMBA officers will conduct fire compliance audits on your business premises annually to ensure your continuous compliance.

Commercial industry buildings such as restaurants, offices, car workshops, and stationery shops that do not exceed 750 square metres in floor space are exempted from this application. Learn more about the Surat Sokongan Perlesenan Bomba on BOMBA’s official website.

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