Inert Gas Suppression Systems in Malaysia: What Are They?

Inert Gas Suppression Systems in Malaysia- What Are They

Inert gas suppression systems in Malaysia are essential fixtures that can suppress fires without leaving any residue and damaging assets.

But, what are inert gas suppression systems, and how do they work? Also, what are the benefits of opting for inert gas suppression systems compared to other suppression systems?

Let’s discuss this in detail below.

Inert Gas Suppression Systems in Malaysia: Definition

Inert gases are one of the four main substances (inert gases, water mist, carbon dioxide, and chemical clean agents) used for a fire suppression system. These substances, in this case, inert gases, serve as powerful fire extinguishing agents.

How Do Inert Gas Suppression Systems Work?

How Do Inert Gas Suppression Systems Work

To put it simply, inert gases put out fires by reducing the amount of oxygen in the area less than what is needed for combustion. Inert gas systems combine two or more gases, such as nitrogen, argon, and carbon dioxide, which are stored in pressurised steel cylinders.

Then, the mixture of gases is immediately delivered into the chosen area to extinguish the fire completely by depriving it of oxygen. These suppression systems are made to prevent continued combustion while leaving enough room for the people nearby to breathe and flee safely.

Typically, suppression systems have mechanisms that detect fires early through specific warning signs such as heat and smoke. These systems are connected to an alarm system, which notifies building occupants of fires and takes measures to subdue them.

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Why Choose Inert Gas Suppression Solutions?

Why Choose Inert Gas Suppression Solutions

An inert gas system is known for its many advantages. Below are four of its main benefits:

Safe and Natural

Inert gas systems are safe for occupied spaces and have zero repercussions to the environment. This is because inert gases pose no risk of ozone depletion and no global warming potential.

Easy Storage

Moreover, inert gas systems allow you to optimise your space as they come in the form of stored gas instead of compressed liquid. Compared to other suppression systems, inert gases allow longer discharge piping and provide better flexibility within your space.

Rapid and Effective

Inert gas systems can extinguish a fire in little to no time. Furthermore, inert gas suppression systems prevent damage and proffer reliable fire protection.

No Residue and Non-Conductive

Gases leave no residue, and thus clean-up is not necessary after discharge. Inert gases are also electrically non-conductive, so you can free yourself from worries if your workplace is surrounded by electrical equipment.

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Comprehensive Inert Gas Suppression Systems in Malaysia

With our inert gas suppression options in Malaysia, we provide a safe, efficient, and effective approach to fire protection. Our fire suppression system undergoes regular system maintenance, and is designed and implemented to keep your property and building occupants safe from the dangers of fire.



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