Fire Protection System

Fire Intercom System

Proactive Fire Intercom System

The Fireman Intercom System provides reliable communication during dire situations when a blaze has occurred. It serves as a tether of communication between the Master Console (Fire Command Centre) and the remote Handset Stations.


The overall system consists of a remote handset station and a master control panel typically installed in a fire control room. The intercom handset stations are usually located in stairwells.

Types of Fire Intercom System



Importance of Fire Intercom System

The fire intercom system is one of the essential systems for individuals within the same building to communicate with each other during a fire. With speakers placed at strategic points within the property, everyone can receive messages and emergency announcements simultaneously. Moreover, the remaining survivors in the building can also be located easily.

Fire Protection System

A fire protection system is a crucial component of a building’s safety plan, and without one, lives are at risk of danger. Regardless, the fire protection systems in Malaysia are mostly equipped with complacent safety specifications.

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