EV Fire Blanket Malaysia: What is It & How Does It Work?

ev fire blanket

As electric vehicle (EV) adoption increases in Malaysia, the need for specialised safety measures like the EV fire blanket becomes more crucial.

In this article, we explore what an EV fire blanket is, how it works, and discuss its significance in enhancing the safety of EV owners and responders in Malaysia.

Whether you’re an EV owner, contemplating the switch, or simply intrigued by the latest safety technologies, grasping the workings and advantages of the EV fire blanket is a practical step.

What is an EV Fire Blanket?

An EV fire blanket is a safety device designed specifically to extinguish electric vehicle fires.

Unlike traditional firefighting methods, these blankets are crafted from highly heat-resistant materials that can tackle intense fires, particularly those stemming from lithium-ion batteries.

By completely covering the vehicle, the blanket cuts off the oxygen supply to the flames, effectively smothering the fire.

This containment method is not only rapid but also crucial for preventing the re-ignition of fires, making the EV fire blanket a vital tool for emergency responders and a key safety feature for electric vehicle owners in Malaysia.

How to Use EV Fire Blankets in Malaysia

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use an EV fire blanket effectively:

1. Assess the Situation

Before approaching the vehicle, ensure that it is safe to do so.

If the fire is too intense or if the situation seems dangerous, it is best to stay away and wait for professional help.

2. Alert Emergency Services

Even if you intend to use an EV fire blanket, it is essential to promptly call emergency services. Firefighters possess the necessary equipment and training to safely manage EV fires.

3. Prepare the EV Fire Blanket

Retrieve the fire blanket and unfold it on the ground, either in front of or behind the vehicle. Fully unroll it before use.

4. Approach Safely

If the situation allows, carefully approach the vehicle while avoiding direct exposure to flames and smoke.

Ideally, two individuals should each take a handle and smoothly draw the fire blanket over the car in a continuous motion.

Stay as low as possible to minimise inhalation of toxic fumes.

5. Do Not Remove the Blanket

Once the blanket is in place, do not attempt to remove or disturb it. Removing the blanket could reintroduce oxygen and cause the fire to reignite.

6. Stay Back

After deploying the blanket, move away from the vehicle. Maintain a safe distance and wait for emergency personnel to take over the situation.

7. Follow Instructions from Emergency Responders

Once the firefighters arrive, follow their instructions. They may have specific protocols for handling EV fires, including specialised extinguishing agents or additional fire blankets.

By following these steps, you can effectively use an EV fire blanket to manage fires in electric vehicles, potentially saving lives and preventing further damage.

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Are EV Fire Blankets the Best Way to Put Out EV Fires?

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When it comes to extinguishing EV fires, EV fire blankets are increasingly recognised as a more effective alternative than traditional firefighting methods like powder, water, or foam. This is because:

1. Specifically Designed for Lithium-Ion Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries, which power most electric vehicles, are susceptible to thermal runaway.

This condition occurs when an increase in temperature leads to a self-sustaining reaction that escalates the heat further.

Traditional firefighting methods can struggle with or exacerbate this type of fire.

EV fire blankets, however, are specifically engineered to cope with the high temperatures and chemical reactions of lithium-ion battery fires.

2. Convenience and Reusability

Unlike chemical extinguishers that require maintenance and can leave behind a mess, fire blankets are straightforward to deploy and require no prior preparation.

They are also potentially reusable if they remain undamaged after use, making them a cost-effective and convenient solution in emergency situations.

3. Minimises Additional Damage

Using water or foam on an electric vehicle fire can potentially cause further damage to its electrical components.

Powder extinguishers might leave a corrosive residue that could harm the vehicle’s sensitive electronics.

In contrast, fire blankets minimise physical interaction with the vehicle, reducing the risk of additional damage and preserving the integrity of electronic systems.

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Tackle Electric Vehicle Fire Safety with Palcon

In conclusion, EV fire blankets represent a significant advancement in firefighting technology for electric vehicles.

They are not only effective in quickly managing fires but also offer a safer, cleaner, and more damage-preventive approach compared to conventional methods.

Palcon is a premier fire contractor with over 40 years of experience in Malaysia. We specialise in providing, installing, and servicing firefighting equipment and systems.

As a trusted total solutions provider, we work together with the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia (BOMBA) to offer tailored solutions that fortify your defences against EV fires.



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